Item 9 Labs

The Project

Item9 Labs, poised to create Arizona’s largest cannabis grow, faced branding misrepresentation and a poorly structured Wix website. They lacked confidence in their sales and marketing approach. In addition to a brand overhaul and website redesign, we delved into collaborative apparel and cannabis product line design. Unconventional marketing avenues were explored, including the creation of “KushCash” – custom branded money used at events. This initiative significantly boosted their subscriber base, enhancing their email campaigning and market presence.

The Work

  • Branding
  • Analytics
  • Data Tracking
  • Programmatic
  • Ad Placement
  • Print Collateral
  • Article Editorial
  • Package design
  • On Site Editorial
  • SMS campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Creation
  • Website Development
  • Photoshoot Production
  • Google Asset Creation
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Google Assets Management
  • Merchandise design and creation
  • Business Development Consultation

The Results

Our collaboration spurred their growth, aiding stock acquisition and business expansion. While we no longer work together, we contributed to the establishment of their internal marketing team and wish them continued success.




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