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Verum stands as your unwavering growth ally in comprehensive digital marketing services for a seamless partnership. Centered around lead generation, brand consistency, and adept use of diverse marketing channels. Serving as your one point of contact, we simplify content management through our team of marketing specialists well-versed in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Verum remains devoted to being your dynamic, all-encompassing solution for all your business goals in the contemporary digital realm.

Web Design

Bring your story to life. Bring it to the people. Bring results.

In a technology-driven world, web presence is vital. Effective web design is what brings your voice to your customers. It’s both the story you tell and how you tell it. At Verum, we craft versatile digital experiences to amplify your message and elevate your brand a cut above the rest. We build websites that are not only stunning—but intuitive, engaging and smart. Whether it's a storytelling brand page, high-converting business page or robust e-commerce platform, we marry creativity and experience to deliver superlative results.

With spot-on aesthetics and research-driven strategies, we focus on creating web experiences that work for every customer, on every platform. Our expertise lies in building mobile responsive, conversion-centric, visually gripping sites that function as the central nervous system of your digital empire. Our work is to help you tell the right story to the right customers, so they remain intrigued with what you have to say—for longer.

Strategic Planning

Understand your audience, give them what they want.

Our relationships have depth. We begin each partnership by gaining a thorough understanding of the landscape our clients operate in. We analyze market forces, target audiences, and past successes and stumbling blocks. Our team will also assess revenue streams and competition as we build a thorough program to drive online traffic and sales to defined targets. Forward-looking, we map your digital assets and listings to create a comprehensive assessment of future needs. The result is versatile, custom-tailored strategies aligned with the emotions and behaviors of your target audience.

The digital world is a fast-changing, dynamic environment. We take responsibility for keeping up with ever-shifting trends, so you don’t have to. Our strategic analysis is ongoing – throughout our relationship, we continually re-assess the data in order to refine our strategy and ensure it hits the mark and delivers results.


Get noticed

We've got almost two decades of experience creating arresting visual identities for brilliant companies throughout the country. From brand optics for new start-ups to long-established companies looking for reinvention, we give brands the visual identity that communicates the heart of who they are. Our services range from package design and product launches to innovative branding opportunities for companies looking to expand their reach. We take a holistic approach that combines market savvy with fresh design to create a look and feel that gets people’s attention and keeps it. We excel at creating memorable identities that speak to your audience in a language they understand.


Your voice on the page

Let your page speak for you. We understand that a brand’s voice is vital to its identity. Getting the narrative right can mean the difference between reaching an audience or losing them. Effective marketing strategies can get people to your page, but what they find when they get there is equally essential. We deliver crisp, engaging editorial in a voice that sounds like your own and delivers an on-point message that sticks. Our services include blogs, ad copy, web copy and paid social media content. Our content creators have an intuitive understanding of how to effectively communicate on your behalf, and specialize in hitting all the right notes in as few words as possible.

Video Production

Make it Meaningful

Our team brings the vision to life with videos that deliver a heavy-hitting impact for your brand. From creative brainstorming to casting, scripting, and post-production, we create a seamless experience that gives your story the sound and texture it needs. Our video productions utilize high-impact cinematography and bold storytelling—from underwater to aerial, we can take you anywhere you want to go.

Paid Social

Make your message go further

Find your target. Share your brand message. Meet them where they are and draw them in. We’ll pull them from their newsfeed to your site and make sure they hang around. Social media marketing is a quick-evolving giant—we realize the necessity of keeping your brand top of mind and part of the conversation. We utilize on-point messaging combined with eye-catching visuals aimed directly at your audience. We grow your brand’s presence by understanding your native reach and expanding it through smart messaging directed at handpicked targets.

Email and Text Marketing

Let’s Keep in Touch


We create beautifully built campaigns that elevate your brand and keep your audience engaged. Designing email newsletter templates, defining list segmentation to bring people the content they desire, automate drip campaigns, and more– we’ve got you. Step up your email game with strategic, attractive campaigns that will expand your audience and keep them watching.


Text marketing is here, and it’s as direct as it gets. Quick and agile, your audience can stay up to date in real-time on specials, offers, events, and news. Successful text marketing combines compelling messaging with eye-catching images or moving gifs, making your communications land with impact. We bring your clients along as your business thrives.


Search is still king

Pay-Per-Click, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a rock solid way to propel online results and bolster your bottom line. Attract new clients, drive repeat business and help your company hit new heights. Digital marketing is all about the perfect mix of smart messaging, skillful distribution and impeccable timing. Verum helps clients large and small to establish goals, identify target audiences, and understand strategic placement. All this enables us to optimize your campaigns while delivering the most bang for your buck.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Right place, right time.

We’ve helped clients across a range of industries raise their profiles through search engine optimization: fine-tuning their websites and content to get the most notice from organic searches. Be found by the right people for the right reasons. Effective SEO builds your brand’s presence by ensuring that search engines pull your content when people search for a related queries.

SEO programs are complex, dynamic and ever-evolving. We keep our finger on the pulse and create digital experiences that are both beautiful and SEO effective. Our methodology also improves the user experience, allowing you to make connections, drive conversions and build revenue.

Automated Integration

Don’t Let the Data Get You Down

Data can be overwhelming. We create automated systems to manage much of it and mitigate the hands-on busy work. Systems integration allows you to pare down the mind-numbing tasks so you can address the work that really matters. Push information from lead forms, chat features and call tracking as well as text campaigns, email platforms and CRM's. We help clients build automated digital marketing strategies that are triggered by engagement. Let the system do the heavy lifting and have more time to do what you do best.

Tracking & Analytics

Let the Data Speak For Itself

Follow the data. Make decisions about the next step based on your past success. We give you the information you need to make smart decisions with impact, so every move counts. Analytics provide insights that lead to foresight, letting you effectively strategize based on the habits and patterns of your audience. Tracking and Analytics give you a peek behind the curtain at each user’s experience, allowing you to refine your message and increase your effectiveness. Know who is coming and what they are doing, and you’re more likely to know what they want—and deliver.

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    California Pools & Landscape
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    Item 9 Labs
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