Eric is a multi-disciplinary professional with over thirty years of experience in design, content creation, online strategy, and business development. He draws on his background in the art and music industries while leveraging his expertise in digital marketing and business development to exceed client expectations and is devoted to delivering results-driven solutions that are visually appealing and effective. He always keeps it fresh and stays on the cutting edge of a rapidly-shifting industry. His love of the game and sincere desire to serve make him a formidable digital marketing player and a strong Verum team leader.



Operations Manager

As Verum’s Operations Manager, Bianca’s role is in overseeing the many moving parts in each project. She has had a lifelong love affair with technology that she has recently applied to lead generation, web development/design, and project management. She prides herself on her ability to run a team like a well-oiled machine, bringing the vision of each project to life. She thrives under pressure and has infectious friendliness and unshakable enthusiasm. When she’s not driving a project forward, you’ll find her lifting weights, hiking, reading, hanging out with family and training her dog.



Lead Web Developer

Chase brings years of experience and priceless skill to the Verum team. He cut his teeth in the world of tech as a tech support agent at the world’s largest hosting provider, where he learned essential skills and problem-solving. He prides himself on efficiency and a merciless attention to detail, which have led to countless successful web builds and happy users. When he’s not killing it at the keyboard, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, softball, shooting, scuba diving, or skydiving.




Kenzie is certified in Digital and Content Marketing, with specialized training in Search Engine Optimization and commits to continuous professional growth. Passionate about collaborative client growth, Kenzie specializes in SEO, optimizing online presence, and driving organic growth. Committed to tailored solutions, she prioritizes transparency, effective communication, and a client centered approach for long-term success. In her free time, she finds joy in reading, meditating, hiking, and practicing yoga.



Ads | AI | BD

Cecilia Snyder is a seasoned digital marketer. As a Certified Google Ad’s specialist she crafts impactful paid ad campaigns across Google, Bing, and diverse social media platforms. Transitioning from an education background, Cecilia leverages her unique blend of public speaking and problem-solving skills at Verum. With a focus on data analysis, trend forecasting, and effective communication, she thrives on driving successful ad campaigns and spearheading future business development initiatives.



Graphic Designer

Kylie discovered an interest in visual arts early in life and brings her creativity to Verum as our in-house graphic designer. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in digital arts with an emphasis on animation from Grand Canyon University. While filmmaking and animation were her first loves, she later discovered a passion for advertising, as evidenced by her uncanny ability to bring our client’s vision to life. Kylie prides herself on creativity and hard work, and brings enthusiasm and passion to each project. In her free time, she enjoys running, working out, and spending time with family.



Senior Copywriter

Christina serves as Verum’s Senior Copywriter. Before joining, she worked in a number of fields, most recently as a Geopolitical Analyst. Her passion for storytelling helps her breathe life into our clients’ narratives with skill, understanding, and nuance. Her work has won awards and served a diverse set of clients, from the US government to Rolling Stone magazine. Christina prides herself on being equal parts grit and poise, and has worked as a writer, waitress, researcher, club promoter, pony wrangler, Intelligence Analyst and human rights advocate. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Illinois but most of her skills were honed through trial, error, and bottomless curiosity. She has travelled in some 30 countries but calls Cape Town, South Africa home, where she lives with her partner, dogs, and feral children.



All Things Social

Gabriella holds a master degree and uses her clear and effective communication skills to create social postings that require a simple and thoughtful message. She is committed to the craft and receptive to clients’ needs, helping them bring their message alive with ease. Gabriella prides herself on being reliable, open-minded, and easy-going, and when she’s not killing it on social media, you’ll find her outdoors—hiking, camping, at the beach, or on a road trip.

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